Brand name: Aquastar Instruments SA

Owned by: Seinet brothers

Country: Switzerland, Geneva

Founded: 1962

Founder: Jean S. Robert.


Established since 1962 in GENEVA on the lake Leman side, AQUASTAR was not only born from the passion of one man for the sub-marine world but was also reflecting a period where, for the first time, the sub-marine world became of interest. In the Sixties started the first sub-marine discoveries. Through its first collection of professional diving watches, AQUASTAR became part of all those adventures. Just after its creation, AQUASTAR started to develop the first diving watch provided with a metalic internal turning bezel which was operated by the same crown that the one used to set the time. This invention enabled the diver to measure with the maximum of security its diving time and thus the patent was registered. The drawing, showed hereunder, will give you an idea about the construction of this type of internal bezel. As usual, the main problem to be solved was the place left for the gear of this internal bezel and the dial had also to be curved accordingly.

Further on, our interest got naturally enlarged to the sailing world and to the yacht races. In order to allow the skipper to be present on time on the departure line, a timer was still missing which would enable a clear and accurate visual indication of the minutes and seconds as they elapse. This was made possible with the indication of ten colored balls on the dials, becoming at turn blue and red as long as the ten minutes were elapsing. The technical feasibility of the system started in the sixties to materialize in its final concept in 1973. The result of it was to launch on the market the first specific regata watch. This invention was duly patented and the drawings below demonstrate the complexity of this mechanism and the automatic movement it is linked to.

Today Aquastar is still in business and produces watches. They can be reached at AQUASTAR INSTRUMENTS SA 28 RUE DE GENEVE - CH 1225 GENEVA - SWITZERLAND

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