1) General Information
1a) ARSA - Auguste Reymond SA
1b) Logo(s)
1c) Founded 1898
1d) Founded in Switzerland
1e) Founded by Auguste Reymond
1f) Now owned by Nitella SA

2) History

In 1898, Auguste Reymond, a watchmaker in the Jura village of Tramelan-Dessus opened a small watchmaking workshop called the Fabrique d'Horlogerie Auguste Reymond. Production took place in a small residence until the company built its first premises in 1903. In 1906, the boss started producing movement-blanks in Les Bioux and the enterprise became a true watch manufacturer. However, the move to the Joux valley was for only three years. In 1909, Reymond concentrated all activity back in Tramelan, where he set up a more flexible manufacturing system to react quicker to market demand. The following year the entrepreneur won a gold medal at the Brussels World Exhibition, followed by another at the 1914 Swiss national exhibition. The company archives recorded the take-over of the Unitas Watch Co., Tramelan, in 1926. Reymond continued to produce his movement-blanks on these premises.

In 1932, the "Ebauche" department of A. Reymond S.A. (manufacturing movement blanks) became part of the Ebauches Group as the Fabrique d'Ebauches Unitas S.A.

Complete watches were made under the ARSA label. The 1934 Perfora, for example, featured a rectangular case and an openwork dial which revealed the two hands. At the same time ARSA introduced a wide-ranging chronograph collection. In addition, it produced watches for the blind and for pilots as well as wristwatches with a simple date or alarm. Some timepieces were delivered with an official chronometer certificate. The manually wound models were fitted with various Unitas calibers.

Because Unitas did not produce automatic or chronograph movements, ARSA had to resort to calibers from its sister companies in the Ebauches group, including, for example, AS (A. Schild), ETA or Valjoux.

3) Further information
3a) Watch collection: Alertic, ARSAMATIC, Ballad, Boogie, Braille, Charleston, Chrono Blues, Cotton Club, Dixieland, Encore, Evergreen, Extra, Fusion, In the Mood, Jazz Age, Low Vision, Mega Boogie, Perfora, Ragtime, Rumba, Springmaster.

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