Dubois Depraz

1) General Information

1a) Dubois-Depraz

1b) Logo(s)

1c) Founded {fill out founding day/month/year}

1d) Founded in {fill out founding city and country}

1e) Founded by {fill out the name of the initial founder(s) or name of the company who started this Watchbrand)

1f) Now owned by {fill out the name of person or group}

2) History

3) Further information

3a) Watch collection (like Speedmaster Seamaster etc)

3b) Pictures of watches

3c) Calibers

3d) Pictures of calibers

3e) Boxes and watch stands

3f) Bracelets and straps

3g) Other watch items

3h) Patents

3i) Archive - with links to more contributions in the Watchipedia and illustrations

4) Literature

4a) Watch books

4b) Advertisements

4c) Brand catalogs

4d) Booklets and manuals

4e) Watch books

4f) Other paper related items

5) Address {fill out the address}


Fax :


6) External links

6a) {fill out the official website address}

6b) other

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