Omega SA v Omega Watches

Swiss watch manufacturer

The origins of the Omega brand go to the Comptoir d'├ętablissage by Louis Brandt back, which he 1848 young age of only 23 years in La Chaux-de-fund the chair. With the clocks he travels through Europe to them personally to the respective customers. With the onset of his sons, Louis-Paul and C├ęsar Brandt changes accordingly in the company name Louis Brandt & Fils.

After the death of his father in 1879 the sons go to Biel, where she acquired a factory building in which they gradually build up a modern production. It is the age of mechanization, and thrilled by American manufacturing methods to equip the factory with modern machines. At the same time they open up new markets, such as the American. The company is growing at a faster pace, so that 1889 with a workforce of 600 employees already 100,000 watches are produced.

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