As far as I am aware this was supposedly a Swiss manufacturer (Sindaco SA Watch Factory) also known as Sindaco SwissLine and listed as such from around 1946 up to 1959.
I've also read somewhere that it started out in Muralto, nearby Locarno in the '30's and apparently some models were imported into london in the late '50's.

It would seem that they were movement finishers and watch assemblers i.e. they bought in ebauches from Bettlach and others and finished movements, some of which they sold on to other watchmakers, the rest they cased-up and branded Sindaco.

Sindaco-finished Bettlach pin-lever movements were used in the British watch industry in the early 1950s until Newmark began ebauche manufacturing in Croydon (using a Bettlach design). These movements were 3/4-plate Roskopf type, made in no-jewel 5- and 7-jewel versions, always with pin-lever escapement. It was probably one of these that was copied by 4 watchmakers in a small workshop in Tianjin in January-March 1955 to create China's first locally-made wristwatch.

Some Sindaco watches from the 1960s have 17 jewels and 4-wheel train, but still fairly crudely built. I've not seen the design elsewhere so it is possible that it was manufactured entirely in-house.

There is a connection between Fabrique d'Horologerie Sindaco and Jaguar watches, which is part of the Festina group. Sindaco registered the Jaguar brand in 1945.

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