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2) History

Sinn: Another german brand that is a hot tip among a small number of watch enthousiastics. And with reason. The Frankfurt am Main based company calls himself as a "Specialuhren" manufacturer. Indeed, if one gazes through their collection one can only admire how they fill up certain niche markets. And now their watches are also discovered by WIS people world-wide. The Sinn collection has got everything you want from a watch: Looks, Quality and the Right Price.

The Sinn brand was founded by Helmut Sinn (picture left). Born in 1916 Mr. Sinn soon realised he wanted to be a pilot someday. Shortly after he was a registered pilot World War 2 started, and he had to show his skills under the :-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x regime. He crashed and was treated in Paris Clichy. Besides flying he had another passion: Watches. He was co-owner of the BASI (Bader-Sinn) company, but Helmut left the the company to his wife and co-founder. In 1961 he started another company: Sinn SpecialUkhren Frankfurt am Main. Not to interfere with the BASI company, he only made instrumental watches. Called them rally watches, because aviation was still forbidden in Germany at that time. Later he created Bord-Uhren (Navigation Clocks). Sinn sold his watches and clocks directly to the end-users, thus evading extra costs for the end-user. His principe was (and is) "The best possible watch for the best possible price." In 1994 he once again sold his company. This time to Lothar Smidt. And in 1998, at the age of 82 !!, Helmut Sinn once again started a new watch company, Jubilar Uhren with the brand names Guinand and Chronosport. Mr Sinn qualifies the sale of the Sinn SpezialUhren company as "unfortunate." Why and for what reason is unclear to me. Fact is that the new company, Jubilar Uhren, is located in almost the same street as Sinn SpezialUhren in Frankfurt.

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