1) General Information

1a) Technos (AG Uhrenfabrik Technos / TECHNOS RELÓGIOS S. A)

1b) Logo(s)

1c) Founded 1850/1956

1d) Founded in Switzerland/Brazil

1e) Founded by Gebrüder Gunzinger

1f) Now owned by {fill out the name of person or group}

2) History

In the Swiss watch industry, the year of 1850 is shown with pride and tradition. It marks the appearance of TECHNOS, a mark trade that would become famous in the whole world.

In Brazil the history of Technos begins in 1956. In this year the company Centauro Importadora, from Rio Grande do Sul, begins to represent Technos in this country with the slogan: "The most punctual Swiss of the world ".

The following years, especially in the seventies, the Swiss watch industry was seriously affected by the new quartz technology, and needed help from the Swiss banks. A nominated interventor drastically reformulated a significant group of watch industries and launched with success a plastic disposable watch, under whose shelter, nowadays, are integrated most of the well-known swiss watch marks. TECHNOS, however, succeeded in striding a different venture.

The company decided to invest in material reserch and new technologies, as well as in the constant renovation of its lines of watches. At present are manufactures more than 600 models, establishing tendencies when the matter is design and industrial inovation.

TECHNOS RELÓGIOS S. A . is a genuinely Brazilian company that produces about a million watches a year and is the leader of the national watch market, with 35% of its share. Technos was the first company of the section to receive the certificate ISO 9002 and to conquer for more than 26 times the prize Mérito Lojista.

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