1) General Information

1a) Tenor & Dorly SA

1b) Logo(s)

1c) Founded 1950's

1d) Founded in Tramelan, Switzerland

1e) Founded by {fill out the name of the initial founder(s) or name of the company who started this Watchbrand)

1f) It went bankrupt in 1974

2) History

This small company is only interesting because it developed within a very short time from a low grade-watch assembler to a manufacturer of quality movements - however without longer success due to the contemporary development of the quartz watch.
The automatic calibre of this company became in 1974 the base of the smallest automatic chronograph of that time. It was designed by Dubois-Depraz, and produced by Kelek.

3) Further information

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3b) Pictures of watches

3c) Calibers

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3e) Boxes and watch stands

3f) Bracelets and straps

3g) Other watch items

3h) Patents

3i) Archive - with links to more contributions in the Watchipedia and illustrations

4) Literature

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4b) Advertisements

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