Breitling Production Dates

The Breitling production dates must be divided.

About the codes from 1999 on:

The production date of your modern Breitling is found by removing the bracelet or strap and noting the 4 digit code which is VERY, VERY lightly engraved using a VERY small character font on the case between the "south" interhorns. The four digit number is decoded in the same way as the manufacture date code found on the underside of the bracelet on or near the end links next to the case. There are a couple more alphanumeric characters next to the date code but the date code is indeed quite obvious.
Manufacture code 4906 stands for 49th week in 2006.
Manufacture code 0507 stands for 5th week in 2007.

The manufacture date code is present on every Breitling watch which was built after 2000 and on the bracelets from 1999. Please click here for further reading.

Before 2000

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