Caliber List

What makes your watch tic?

We call the description for a watch movement according to construction, size and factory origin the caliber of the watch.

There are several ways to determine your watch caliber. But the key here is to open your watch up first. So this brings us to the next question:

How to open your watch?

This is described here.

What am I looking for?

You are looking for small marks on the movement. Use a magnifier 4x should mostly do the trick but 10x can help. Try not to breath intot the movement when doing so. And do not leave you watch open to collect dust. only have it open for the shortest periode!

There can be signs or numbers on the watch or inside the movement under the balance wheel. Also it is possible for older watches (before 1950's) that these marks are on the dial side of the watch (under the dial).

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